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Anti-Choice “Family Policy Institute” Distorts And Lies To Attack Rape Shield Laws

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 27, 2013

Laurel Ramseyer brings us this news about the sickening anti-family, anti-female actions of a self-styled “pro-family” group’s leader in Washington state:

In a blog post erroneously titled “WA Law Helps Conceal Rape of 12-Year Old”, Mr. Backholm wrote last week that:

In a story making news this week, last August a twelve-year old girl Washington girl was raped and impregnated by a thirty-one year-old man who took her to a Washington State Planned Parenthood and forced her to have an abortion.  According to reports, she told Planned Parenthood that the father was a fourteen-year old boy in an effort to protect the identity of her rapist; presumably at the recommendation of her rapist.

It wasn’t until six-weeks later that she told her parents what really happened, which led to an eventual guilty plea and prison sentence for the offender.

It is remarkable that Planned Parenthood is willing to turn a blind eye.  It is not intuitive to simply give a 12-year old an abortion and send her on her merry way by ignoring red flags the size of football fields.

Despite the obvious opportunities to intervene in situations like these, our laws and abortion clinics are aiding and abetting the victimization of girls…in the name of women’s rights no less.

Backholm was apparently hoping that nobody would actually click through to read the linked articles in his piece. Virtually every single claim he makes is either a lie or the truth stretched and bent so hard it might as be a lie. Here is the reality:

  • The rapist was the victim’s step-father.
  • The rapist step-father brought the victim to the clinic to have an abortion.
  • The victim didn’t “[tell] her parents what really happened” six weeks later, she told a detective who interviewed the her because Planned Parenthood alerted Child Protective Services that she had reportedly been impregnated by someone over 24 moths her age, a crime in Washington state.
  • Far from Planned Parenthood turning a “blind eye”, sending the victim on “her merry way” and “ignoring red flags the size of football fields”, Planned Parenthood followed the law and reported the possible rape of the child.
  • Since the rapist was the victim’s step-father, and since the victim’s mother refused to cooperate with the prosecution of the rapist, it is dubious at best that a parental notification law would have prevented the abortion.  In light of the facts, Mr. Backholm’s assertion that “our laws and abortion clinics are aiding and abetting the victimization of girls” is perplexing.  It was state law and the actions of Planned Parenthood staff that rescued the victim from a rapist father and rapist-shielding mother.
  • Truly, Backholm and his allies are what M. Scott Peck called “The People of the Lie”. Under the pretense of “protecting” a girl, they use lies and twisted truths to try to take away all young girls’ rights to be shielded.


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    1. They are truly the people of the Big Lie.

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