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She won’t be Bachmann

Posted by Charles II on May 29, 2013

Michele Bachmann has decided to spare the 6th District her services.

7 Responses to “She won’t be Bachmann”

  1. Note that she did her late-night news dump a week after PPP polling showed Graves with a two-point lead for next year:

    This, taken with Linc Chafee’s imminent switch from Indy to Democrat, would in a healthy media environment elicit meditations on how the GOP and conservative thought in general is on a downhill slide – but my guess is that both of these events will soon be shoved aside for more Benghazi witchhunting.

    • MEC said

      No, for more IRS witchhunting. The Ususal Suspects seem to have decided that the entirely understandable and appropriate scrutiny of the “tea party” organizations that sprouted like mushrooms during the last election cycle has doomed Obama’s administration.

  2. MEC said

    Editorial cartoonists and liberal commentators are in mourning.

    • Charles II said

      Oh, she’ll show up as a Fox Noise commentator or host.

      I’m curious to know what will happen to all the money she raised. A plush retirement? Or does she have designs on higher office. After all, she could get the vote of the John Wayne Gacy fan club.

      • Jim said

        I think there are some limitations on how she can spend those “leftover” campaign funds. On the other hand there are a number of fellow loons she might want to help.

        1. Bradlee Dean still owes some money to Rachael Maddow.

        2. Jan Brewer will need to be primaried for supporting ObamaCare.

        3. Joe Arpaio is in trouble again, and may be facing a recall election.

        4. Joe Miller ( Loon-Alaskan from Brownbackistan type) is running again.

        and so on ad infinitum.

      • MEC said

        I’m curious to know what will happen to all the money she raised.

        Can she use it as a legal defense fund?

      • Charles II said

        I hope so. We wouldn’t want to have any American denied competent legal counsel.

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