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Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More

Posted by Charles II on May 30, 2013

Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More (via Tom Kludt at TPM)

Gee. Ya think?

According to CMPA [George Mason Univ. Center for Media in the Public Interest] President Dr Robert Lichter, “While Republicans see a credibility gap in the Obama administration, PolitiFact rates Republicans as the less credible party.”

If George Mason University and Politifact say the GOP lies three times as often as Dems, it has to be ten times:

Some critics, such as Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) and the Columbia Journalism Review, have criticized Lichter and the CMPA for holding a conservative bias of their own or for being funded by conservative foundations.

Possibly the Republican Establishment is coming to the conclusion that they might have jumped the shark.

4 Responses to “Study: Media Fact-Checker Says Republicans Lie More”

  1. MarkH said

    When you hear things the Republicans say it’s always easier to assume it’s all wrong or lies and only change your view when shown more objective evidence they accidentally spoke the truth.

  2. MEC said

    As Stephen Colbert famously observed, the truth has a well-known liberal bias.

  3. The People of the Lie.

    • Charles II said

      I think MEC is correct. What the GOP is into goes beyond lying. It is anti-truth.

      Peck will have to be updated as The People of the Anti-truth.

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