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Conservative Tax-Exempt Nonprofits Outspent Liberal Ones by 34-to-1

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 1, 2013

If you’re wondering why the Koch-allied tax-exempt Astroturf groups are whining like stuck pigs about the IRS picking on them, it’s because they don’t want to lose their 34-to-1 advantage over liberal tax-exempt groups:

Open Secrets reported, “Conservative nonprofits that received tax-exempt status since the beginning of 2010 and also filed election spending reports with the Federal Election Commission overwhelmed liberal groups in terms of money spent on politics, an analysis of Internal Revenue Service and FEC records shows.”

Furthermore, their analysis showed, “Of the 21 organizations that received rulings from the IRS after January 1, 2010, and filed FEC reports in 2010 or 2012, 13 were conservative. They outspent the liberal groups in that category by a factor of nearly 34-to-1.”

They’ve got so used to having things totally in their favor that some of these groups don’t even bother to pretend they’re not allied with the Republican Party — and their arrogant sloppiness has got them into trouble:

It just may be that with all of this overspending, 34-1, conservative groups might have drawn attention to their activities all by themselves. It didn’t help that they are using True the Vote as their IRS Persecution Cause of the Week, when a judge ruled that True the Vote was not a nonprofit, but was actually operating as a PAC, and had illegally aided the GOP.

Pass it on.

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