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Magical state, magical ballots

Posted by Charles II on June 15, 2013

We reported earlier on a Florida scandal in which Ana Alliegro, a consultant to Republican U.S. House representative David Rivera, was accused of paying Justin Lamar Sternad to run as a fake Democrat against Democratic challenger Joe Garcia. Garcia won by 6,000 votes.

Alliegro, who had disappeared prior to her interview with the FBI, re-materialized in Granada, Nicaragua. Sternad pleaded guilty to receiving $81,486 in illegal funds to run against Garcia. Rivera has visited her and is paying her $300 monthly rent. But it sounds as if the funds have been thin: she was cutting hair for a while. Meanwhile, Rivera has escaped prosecution because, without Alliegro, there’s not enough evidence to convict.

Newly-elected Democratic representative Joe Garcia may not be a great bargain. The Miami Herald accuses him of improperly soliciting absentee ballots… but no fraudulent votes were cast because the county clerk didn’t process those requests. Garcia’s campaign manager resigned. Republicans additionally believe that Garcia put up a fake conservative against Rivera in 2010, but no evidence is provided.

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