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Pity The Poor Old War Criminals And Dirty Tricksters

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 18, 2013

If you’re a Twin Cities resident and you hang out on Facebook, you might on occasion see postings from Old Minneapolis, which features pictures of Minneapolis sites from long ago and the present day.

Recently, the proprietor, Jesse Jamison, posted a picture (which had previously appeared via local news outlet WCCO) of the Minneapolis residence of Michael Karkoc, who has been identified as the founder in 1943 of the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, which took its orders directly from Hitler’s SS. That act drew enough complaints for Facebook to wipe out that post, temporarily suspend Old Minneapolis, and temporarily suspend the Facebook account of an Old Minneapolis reader, Dan Krislov, who had defended Old Minneapolis’ reposting of the WCCO photo.

Interestingly enough, some of the same people who have been leaping to the old war criminal’s defense, people who should know better and who consider themselves moral and right-thinking persons, have also been buddy-buddy with some of the Twin Cities’ most despicable sleazeballs, hanging around them waiting for juicy gossip to drop the way a pack of trained and broken hound dogs hangs servilely around their contemptuous master, waiting for him to show them some favor in the form of meaty bits of something or other.

How easily these men — and they are all men, and the sleazeballs they bromance are also men — sell themselves for dirt, licking the boots of dirtbags.

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