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Boehner loses one

Posted by Charles II on June 20, 2013

Savage cuts to NSAP (Food Stamps) and international food aid in HR 1947 were voted down 234-195. You can see the vote here.

But they’ll be b-a-a-a-a-c-k.

If this happens enough times, maybe Republican leadership will figure out that being a–holes is not a good political strategy.

Democrats who chose to join forces with evil:

Barber, Barrow, Bera, Braley, Brownley, Bustos, Costa, Cuellar, Enyart, Farr, Garamendi, Garcia, Loebsack, McIntyre, McNerney, Murphy (FL), Owens, Peters, Peterson, Rahall, Schrader, Sinema, Vela, Walz.

I guess agribusiness is more important to them than the flood tide of hungry people.

6 Responses to “Boehner loses one”

  1. The Farm Belt Republicans that normally would have waved through a sane Farm Bill are worried about Tea Party challenges. They were being told that the bill wasn’t harsh enough.

  2. Hey wait a minute. I thought the food stamp program was good for agribusiness, because it helped to stabilize prices by stabilizing demand (via the stamps used to purchase goods).

    • Charles II said

      Yes, that’s correct, Bill. The Food Stamp program only came into existence in the 1960s because powerful conservative farm state senators saw it as a way to keep farm prices up. The fact that so many people were going hungry was important to liberals, but liberals have never had much power since the New Deal ended. And, because there were many more small farms in the 1960s, these senators were responding to constituent pressure, rather than pressure from big business.

      However, nowadays, huge farm subsidies go to a few very large business interests, not to many small farmers. So the pressure is from contributors, not constituents.

      About 2 dozen Democratic congresspeople agreed to let the poor go hungry so that agribusiness could keep its subsidy. That’s a terrible betrayal of the people in favor of the special interests.

  3. MarkH said

    Sadly, my rep voted to kill SNAP. :-(

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