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The real New York Times

Posted by Charles II on June 23, 2013

John Hess, quoted by Jim Naureckas of FAIR:

The Newspaper of Record recorded a century of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind, generally as a faithful voice of the Eastern establishment. It supported all its wars, hot and cold. It supported witchhunts during and after World War I and temporized with the one after World War II; it fudged the menace of Hitlerism and played down the Holocaust…. At the cutting edge of major events, it could be found against women’s suffrage, against unionism (always), against minimum wages and national health insurance…. Like the rest of the business establishment, it preferred corrupt politicians to liberal reformers.

The occasion is that the New York Times is again using an obituary, in this case of a heroic journalist, Michael Hastings, to defame the dead. Just as they have done to defame Gary Webb, John Hess himself, and so many others.

Really, it’s hard to come up with words to describe just how bad the people who run things are.

4 Responses to “The real New York Times”

  1. It is.

  2. Guy Montag said

    “The occasion is that the New York Times is again using an obituary, in this case of a heroic journalist, Michael Hastings, to defame the dead.”
    . . .

    Last week Michael Hasting’s widow, Elise Jordan, objected to the “blatant mischaracterization of my late husband Michael Hastings’s Rolling Stone story “The Runaway General” in his obituary” and wrote a letter to the NYT asking them to make corrections:

    “If a reporter at the Times actually would read and properly analyze the Pentagon report, they would find exactly the opposite … the mischaracterization in the obituary reflects a longstanding – and ongoing – misrepresentation of the facts in and surrounding this story by the Times … I personally transcribed and have all the tape recordings of Michael’s interviews during his time with McChrystal and his staff. I can personally verify that some of the most damning comments were made by McChrystal himself, and many others made by his aides in his presence were greeted with his enthusiastic approval.”

    In his disingenuous 2013 memoir Gen. Stanley McChrystal only briefly mentioned the controversy which led to his firing by President Obama. Although McChrystal claimed he “took full responsibility,” he also blamed Michael Hastings for his supposed lack of fairness and accuracy [see the post “Never Shall I Fail My Comrades” at the Feral Firefighter blog]. However, it’s telling that McChrystal has repeatedly refused to confirm or deny the accuracy of Hasting’s quotes when questioned by reporters (probably because he knows his most damning quotes were caught on tape).

    In his 2012 book “The Operators” Michael Hastings lambasted the DOD whitewash/ “investigation” of “Le’Affair Rolling Stan”: The investigation reads comically. It is the last whitewash of McChrystal’s military career. … Pentagon officials would privately tell journalists that the intent of the investigation wasn’t even to find wrongdoing; it was to “damage” my credibility.”

    Although a look at the the DoD’s whitewash report reveals it to be a whitewash of Gen. Stanley McChrystal actions in “Le’Afffair Rolling Stan,” the NYT obituaries editor Bill McDonald refused to make corrections to Michael Hasting’s obituary. He claimed that “it’s not The Times that is questioning the article’s accuracy; it was the Defense Department. We’re simply reporting what it publicly said.” His response reminded me of a quote from the film “V for Vendetta” in which a TV broadcaster said, “our job is to report the news, not fabricate it; that’s the government’s job.”

    It appears the NYT journalistic standard really is the stenographic “Stephen Colbert Standard”: “Let’s review the rules, here’s how it works. The President makes decisions, he’s the decider. The press secretary announces the decisions, and you people of the press type these decisions down. Make, announce, type. Just put them through a spell check and go home.”

    The ”blatant mischaracterization” in NYT’s Michael Hasting’s obituary is merely the latest example of their lack of journalistic integrity and it’s unwillingness to use what Kevin Tillman called a “mountain of evidence to arrive at an honest or even sensible conclusion.” Instead of seeking to discern the truth of the controversy, the NYT’s has once again (as with the Pentagon’s NYT’s reporter Thom Shanker’s whitewash of McChrystal’s key role in the Pat Tillman cover-up) displayed its stenographic ability to parrot the official government position “borne out by facts, if not the truth.” Stenography in the service of smearing a real journalist after his tragic, early death!

    • Charles II said

      I don’t know how she pulled herself together enough to compose such a dignified and damning letter.

      Thanks for posting it.

      • If anyone wanted Hastings offed, it wasn’t Obama — it was McChrystal and/or his fan base. (By the way, did you that his older brother is a prominent figure in the Assemblies of God?)

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