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Right-Wingers Worship “KGB Vlad” Putin

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 2, 2013

Seriously, they do. Steve over at No More Mister Nice Blog went spelunking in the bowels of the right-wing site Free Republic and pulled up examples thereof:

I see Freepers celebrating [the Russian police manhandling undocumented workers], and I see Russia passing a severely restrictive anti-gay law that forbids even discussing homosexuality in a positive light, and I see Russia thumbing its nose at the White House by refusing to extradite Edward Snowden (whose attacks on Obama are greatly enjoyed by much of the right), and I see Russia backing Assad in Syria (against rebels the U.S. right regards as universally jihadist, not to mention pals of the hated Obama and the despised RINO John McCain) …

… and I wonder at what point the wingers are going to start seeing Russia as a sort of paradise, a bastion of virtue in a sea of socialism, effeminacy, and environmentalism (did I mention Russia’s status as an unabashed petro-state, and its utter disdain for greenness?).

Oh, and I almost forgot Russia’s flat tax, which led Gerard Depardieu to give up his French citizenship, to the delight of the right.

Rudy Giuliani — who knows a thing or two about authoritarianism — seems ready to take the Putin plunge…

Considering that the Koch brothers would be gas station attendants if not for Joe Stalin’s making their daddy Fred a very rich man, it seems rather ironic.


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