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Should Dinkytown Become A Gated Community?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 7, 2013

Dinkytown, one of the three major neighborhoods near the sprawling University of Minnesota campus, is being destroyed and turned into a place for the well-heeled students the U seeks to do some shopping at upscale national chains in between classes.

We’ve already lost the Podium and the old Minneapolis Marshall High School building, the latter of which was in recent years occupied by the University of Minnesota’s University Technology Enterprise Center or UTEC, and which served as a launching pad and incubator for various small businesses in the Twin Cities. Worse is to come, as the former mom-and-pop stores in buildings that seldom rose over three stories are replaced by glitzy high-rise complexes that resemble nothing so much as gated communities.

Dinkytown is being turned into Megatown, or Edina East, an upscale playground where the non-rich are non-welcomed. It will never be vibrant again.


One Response to “Should Dinkytown Become A Gated Community?”

  1. A friend got a regular gig playing at an upscale Dinkytown restaurant years ago. I was shocked and asked if the faculty was really affluent enough to make an upscale restaurant with entertainment a going concern.

    He laughed at me and told me to look at the student parking ramps some time. I did and frankly, the cars were nicer than I’d expect from a downtown business ramp.

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