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Posted by Charles II on July 10, 2013

Via Mark Tran, The Guardian, world corruption statistics.

Here’s the US, where 36% of the population thinks corruption has increased a lot in the last two years and only 40% believe it has stayed the same or decreased… where 58% think the media is affected by corruption, and 61% think the Congress is…where 53% think business is affected, 42% think the police are, and 42% think the courts are….where 5-9.9% of respondents report having, in the last twelve months, paid a bribe to the judiciary, medical services, education, etc. (about on par with Italy and Slovenia)


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  1. The US doesn’t do very well in press-freedom rankings either, and many of its closest allies do even worse even on a list that is very much weighted to boost those nations that are part of the Washington Consensus:,1043.html

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