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Grad students drub NSA + Oliver Stone on NSA

Posted by Charles II on July 10, 2013

This happened a week ago. Madiha Tahir and other students dared to ask recruiters from the NSA questions. Nick Wing of HuffPost has the recording.

You can read Madiha’s summary at her blog, The Mob and the Multitude.

RT‘s summary is succinct:

The agents that came to the University of Wisconsin seemed to be “entirely unprepared” to answer “basic questions” posed by potential employees, said Madiha Tahir, a PhD candidate at Columbia University currently attending a language program at the University of Wisconsin.

It is fixed to the bubble the intelligence community lives in. They are so disengaged that they think that they don’t actually have to answer any questions when they go out recruiting,” Tahir said. “They have never had to actually justify or even critically think about the work they are engaged in. They simply did not know how to answer the basic questions about the nature of their work,” she said.

I sure wouldn’t take a job with a company that couldn’t answer questions about allegations of illegal and unethical behavior.

Meanwhile, you can watch Oliver Stone, talking to The Guardian. The tone is kind of maudlin, but hard to argue with.

One Response to “Grad students drub NSA + Oliver Stone on NSA”

  1. jo6pac said

    I doubt they hire very many people with critical thinking skills, they really only want drones. I’m surprised and glad there are some young people that might be able find jobs in other fields if there are any but it looks like you either work for them or they follow you around because you’re might become a problem.

    It doesn’t look good for the citizens of this nation and others that are taking the path to defend the interest of the 1%.

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