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All you need to know about Egypt

Posted by Charles II on July 12, 2013

I’ve avoided posting on Egypt because, as I said:

The current situation, by my analysis, is that Egypt remains under military dictatorship with a Muslim Brotherhood mask.

So, now the Army has replaced the Muslim Brotherhood mask with another. It’s hard to get excited about a development like that.

Fortunately, Mark Fiore is on it:



5 Responses to “All you need to know about Egypt”

  1. jo6pac said

    Yes, this is going to be a long strange trip but Egypt has been around a very long time so who knows what will happen in the long term future.

    This sentence.
    Next installment: Syria, where fifty-some killed by the government is a good week!

    It is a good week if Amerikas proxy thugs, heart eating killers die as far as I care. I’m not a fan of Assad but there no way the west wins this one.

    • Charles II said

      The Assad regime is no bunch of sweethearts, Jo. Using aircraft and artillery against civilian populations is about an 8 on the scale of good->bad.

      And this didn’t have to happen. There is legitimate unhappiness in Syria because the country is being run by the minority Alawites and allied ethnicities. The country, like many in the Middle East, should probably be structured as a federation, so that each ethnicity could have a dominant say in its region, while cooperating and sharing through the central government. The US may have poured some gas on the conflict, but the blaze has been smoldering for years.

      • jo6pac said

        Yes I agree with what you’re saying about Assad but to add that Amerika might of add some gas the smoldering fire all I can say is wow. The house of saud along with dictator in Qatar and a nod and wink from Amerika have done what Amerika is famous for creating refuges with no place to go. If Assad loses then the country become another Amerika success story of bring the big D to the neighbor hood.

        The citizens can leave the area that the jets and artillery pounding if the thugs will allow them, there is talk that the thugs are using them as shield and won’t feed them. Then again it what we read in the media and who know who right.

        This is really about real men go to Tehran and has nothing to do with helping the Syrian people get rid of their dictator and if it was we would doing the same thing for other oppressed people in the Middle East but for some strange reason those are our friends.

        On another note busy digging potatoes, garlic, and shallots and it looks like a good harvest so far.

      • Charles II said

        It’s a shame that we can’t just do foreign policy by asking what’s best for the human beings of both the US and Syria and stop trying to get advantage.

        Congrats on the harvest. Here as well, nature is kind.

  2. Farouk was toppled by a military coup, Mubarak was toppled by a military coup, and Morsi now as well. Nasser and Sadat were military officers who had the backing of the people as well as the military (and for good reason as they actually tried to help Egyptians in general). There are some who are looking to see who the US “sided with” so they can decide to hate that side, but really this is a Egyptian thing, no outside help necessary.

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