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Princess Liz Wants Her Senate Seat, Dammit!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 16, 2013

The end result of this will still likely be a Republican, but at least a few local radio and TV stations will pull in a few extra million from the primary campaign spending:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz Cheney will run against Wyoming’s senior U.S. senator in next year’s Republican primary, her campaign said Tuesday.

Cheney, 46, is the elder of Dick Cheney’s two daughters. Her announcement is a political challenge unlike anything Wyoming has seen for years, maybe decades – Republicans in the state rarely challenge incumbents in national office. All three members of the state’s congressional delegation and all statewide elected officials are Republican.

Gotta keep that dynasty going, you know.


3 Responses to “Princess Liz Wants Her Senate Seat, Dammit!”

  1. Charles II said

    Cody Enterprise editorial:

    The political fires in Wyoming already are burning red hot for the U.S. Senate race next year.

    Liz Cheney, the former State Department official and ongoing Fox News commentator, increasingly is looking like she plans to run for that seat – even if Sen. Mike Enzi seeks re-election to a fourth term.
    TCT West

    If she does, it’ll be the end of her in Wyoming politics.
    a California group this summer is promoting her GOP candidacy. That’s going over with Wyoming people like a lead balloon and only serves to remind folks that Cheney is a Wyomingite in address only.

    We don’t like the term “carpetbagger” but it has a place in politics for those who move here and promptly presume to represent us in high office.

    And that’s what her friends say.

    • MEC said

      Liz is just following her daddy’s example. He’d been living in Texas for years and even claimed it as his primary residence for tax purposes, but he suddenly discovered that his vacation home in Wyoming was his home when he appointed himself Dubya’s Vice President and needed to circumvent the Constitutional prohibition against running mates from the same state. So she’s claiming to be from Wyoming based on that family connection. She’s probably spent as much time in Wyoming as Mitt Romney had spent in Michigan before declaring himself a “native son” for campaign purposes. And I bet the people of Wyoming are even less impressed than the people of Michigan were.

  2. Daddy’s Little Deferment strikes again:

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