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What They’re Not Telling You About Detroit’s Troubles

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 20, 2013

Questions no one in the US mainstream press seems to be asking about Detroit’s predicament:

— If Detroit’s woes can be blamed on a shrinking tax base due to a broke and dying auto industry that conservatives insist needs to be left to rot, why then is Oakland County, which contains many lily-white auto executives, one of the ten richest counties in the US?

— What about the role of predatory lending in devastating Detroit’s middle classes?

— Why do the “solutions” commonly advanced to “solve” Detroit’s woes involve selling off everything that makes the city livable at fire-sale prices to already-rich greedheads in Oakland County and elsewhere?

— Why is nobody bringing up the fact that Michigan’s taxation system (which heavily emphasizes property tax) is a big reason why lily-white Oakland is able to prosper while Detroit is starved of revenue?


4 Responses to “What They’re Not Telling You About Detroit’s Troubles”

  1. Charles II said

    And why did people leave even as the auto industry makes record profits?

    Did shipping jobs to non-union states and eliminating them through automation play a role?

  2. MarkH said

    It seems the old-fashioned way of doing business is just passé, not enough, quaint. Now they do crazy shit that somehow makes money while destroying the lives of everyone else. It’s amazing and tragic at the same time. There are some very smart people who should be put in jail.

    • MarkH said

      Oh, almost forgot, got to Kevin Drum’s blog at to see how Goldman-Sachs has bought warehouses (!) to slow delivery of commodity metal like Aluminum to drive up the cost of aluminum to make their bets on the commodity more valuable. It’s crazy stuff like this they didn’t used to teach in college, but today’s wizards are using to destroy us all.

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