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Go See ‘Blackfish’ Before Sea World Stops You

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 22, 2013

David Neiwert has the deets:

There’s an amazing and gripping new documentary out this week that — like The Cove — may prove to be at least a small turning point in how humans treat our fellow animals, wild and otherwise. It’s titled Blackfish, and it’s well worth your time.

And if the noises coming from Sea World — the chief target of the documentary — prove substantive, you may want to see it before it gets pulled from theaters under threat of lawsuit.

Blackfish is about an orca, Tilikum, at Sea World that since its capture off of Iceland in the early 1980s has killed three of its human trainers. It’s also about the basic cruelty of keeping orcas and other seagoing creatures in for-profit zoos.

Which is, of course, why Sea World’s owner is going all-out to kill the film:

In an unusual pre-emptive strike on the documentary “Blackfish,” set for release on Friday in New York and Los Angeles by Magnolia Pictures, SeaWorld Entertainment startled the film world last weekend by sending a detailed critique of the movie to about 50 critics who were presumably about to review it. It was among the first steps in an aggressive public pushback against the film, which makes the case, sometimes with disturbing film, that orca whales in captivity suffer physical and mental distress because of confinement. …

… It was also deliberating possible further moves, which might conceivably include informational advertising, a Web-based countercampaign or perhaps a request for some sort of access to CNN, which picked up television rights to “Blackfish” through its CNN Films unit and plans to broadcast the movie on Oct. 24.

… Asked whether SeaWorld was contemplating legal action against the film, G. Anthony Taylor, the general counsel, said decisions about any such step would have to wait until executives were able to more closely assess the movie. “Blackfish” made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January and has since screened at other festivals in the United States and abroad.

Sea World makes eight largely-bogus assertions (at least one of which, the claim that orcas live longer in captivity than in the wild, is an outright lie) that the filmmakers have dealt with here and here.

Neiwert adds this:

And let’s not forget just who those owners are: None other than our right-wing friends at the Blackstone Group, well noted for their attempts in cahoots with the Koch Brothers to astroturf such campaigns as “Social Security reform”, and whose CEO notably compared President Obama to Hitler for having the audacity to raise taxes on him and his fellow 1 percenters.

Aggravate these clowns, and go see Blackfish — soon. Here’s a list of screenings.


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