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AFA Using Coffee To Further Bigotry In Uganda

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 24, 2013

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

The American Family Association has launched the Thomas Street Coffee Company to “help share the gospel of Christ with unreached people,” and to harvest not only coffee beans from developing nations, but to convert growers and their workers into Christians — while harvesting the profits of unsuspecting indigenous peoples.

The American Family Association is a fundamentalist evangelical Christian group that claims — possibly for tax reasons — to be a “ministry,” and is included  among the Southern Poverty Law Center’s active anti-gay hate groups list.

And yes, FOX News loves them.


2 Responses to “AFA Using Coffee To Further Bigotry In Uganda”

  1. Charles II said

    So, selling coffee is now tax-exempt? Next thing, Apple will declare that it is creating software to share the gospel.

  2. The coffee not only finances the AFA, but it allows them to enter countries where their sort of regular missionary work is banned or requires a permit.

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