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Snowden granted (provisional) asylum

Posted by Charles II on July 24, 2013

From RT. It’s provisional, meaning that it’s not official–he just has permission to leave the airport. But it’s hard to believe they’d let him into the country and then ship him off to the US.

In any case, we probably won’t be getting any NSA stories for a while, but he’s now in Russia proper. He gets three months reprieve, may get permanent resident status, and is reportedly planning to apply for a job.

Wonder if the Russians could use someone with great computer skills and an extensive knowledge of the NSA.

Update: Well, it’s unclear what the Russians are doing. Supposedly they handed him a copy of Crime and Punishment. If it was in English, I guess he’s got a week in the airport. If it’s in Russian…

So maybe what he’s got on those laptops is Rosetta Stone?


5 Responses to “Snowden granted (provisional) asylum”

  1. I tip my hat to him — he’s got the NSA freaked out:

    So freaked out, that they’re making like they’re either incompetent, or corrupt:

  2. My guess is Mr. Snowden will be well “used.” It is pretty hard to believe that a Russia headed by a former head of their secret service will have changed entirely. Mr. Putin is a realist, and probably sees the world much as Admiral Clapper sees it, or as George H. W. Bush saw it, or as George F. Kennan saw it. Mr. Snowden’s delusions and misapprehensions are obliterating his real and serious concerns with the destruction of privacy as a constitutional right. He should have gone to someone like Senator Ron Wyden, not Mr. Greenwald.

    • Charles II said

      Snowden probably would have gone to Congress, Bill, if he hadn’t seen what happened to Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, and Kirk Wiebe. They tried to work within the system. Binney, a diabetic amputee, had a gun pointed at his head while he was in the shower and was prosecuted. Drake was prosecuted for espionage. Wiebe’s home was ransacked.

      It’s easy for those of us who are comfortable in our ignorance to Monday morning quarterback those who pay the price to keep this country free. Better we should ask what would push a man to the point of leaving everything he has– his job, his family, his girlfriend, probably most of his assets, perhaps his freedom or his life–just for the sake of telling the truth.

      • Furthermore, while I’ve heard lots of people state, with absolutely no proof, that Snowden has already given up to Putin (or to the Chinese authorities in Hong Kong), willingly or through force via “truth serum” (which doesn’t work, by the way), all the data he took with him, there is not a shred of evidence for this — and in fact it would not be in Putin’s best interests to try any such thing, not when Putin is already dealing with world dismay over his pushing antigay pogroms.

      • Charles II said

        Yeah, they point to his laptops and a NYT report from anonymous sources who once worked in intelligence saying the Chinese must have “drained” them.

        Good grief. No one has any idea what’s on the laptops. Video games? Porn? The complete TCM collection? He’s gotta have something to stay sane while he’s in hotel lockup.

        His data could be anywhere. Iceland, maybe.

        It’s very hard for people to understand that sometimes having no opinion is the smartest opinion of all.

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