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Putin’s $50 Billion Potemkin Village: Sochi

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 1, 2013

Here’s a story on the $50 billion spent on Sochi (which by the way is one of the warmest spots in Russia, a seaside resort that often doesn’t get snow in winter):

And of that $50 billion, as much as $30 billion may have gone missing, per a Putin critic:


3 Responses to “Putin’s $50 Billion Potemkin Village: Sochi”

  1. Sounds a lot like the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics….

    • jo6pac said

      My thought also, where’s rommmy and is one of his holding companies doing the work there or management;)

  2. Charles II said

    The Party must have dachas….

    It used to be the Communist Party. Now it’s the Capitalist Party. Pigs… farmers…they all start to look alike.

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