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Spain’s Conservative Ruling Party Engulfed In Corruption Scandal

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 11, 2013

Most parts of Spain (the Mondragon part of the Basque Country excluded) are utter economic basket cases to rival Greece. But you don’t hear much about that because Spain’s ruling party is conservative, and loves austerity.

That’s probably why this has yet to make the US evening TV news:

The corruption scandal enveloping the governing conservative People’s Party in Spain and its leader, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, calls into question the funding model for political parties and points towards the need for strict controls, experts say.


[Rajoy] refused to step down, as the opposition is demanding, and denied any connection with the scandal unleashed by Luis Bárcenas, a PP finance manager and treasurer for over two decades.

Bárcenas told a judge he accepted millions in cash donations from construction firms, some of which he said he gave to senior PP officials, Rajoy included, in the form of bonuses. He has been in jail since June, under investigation for fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

New rule: If the US news media outlets are being unusually silent about a major country in the world — particularly one they have traditionally covered more extensively than they do now — it’s likely because something is happening in that country that the billionaires who run our media corporations don’t want us to know about.

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