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A Paper Bird

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 18, 2013

Just found a writer whose thoughts are worth reading:

Just go and read.

4 Responses to “A Paper Bird”

  1. S. Machio said

    My virus protection says these site/links are unsafe. Comment?

    • Stormcrow said

      I dialed them up on Firefox, without problems of any sort.

      And that Firefox instance is behind more security than Fort Knox. The app itself is hardened; the system’s host A/V doubles as web proxy, the host firewall watches for inbound malware in port 80, and this is all behind a perimeter firewall.

      The only things missing are a network IDS and a dedicated botnet client detector, and they’re in the works as I write this. LOL.

      This is the sort of thing I do for a living. :)

  2. Stormcrow said

    Thanks PW, this is a wonderful catch. Especially The killing days.

    It’s also grist for my mill; most of my online acquaintances think this is Bad Guys versus Good Guys, when it’s no such thing. They’re mirror-imaging and they don’t even know it. All of them grew up in states where political power changes hands fairly peaceably, no matter who wins a national election.

    What they’re not seeing is that the entire concept of a “Loyal Opposition” doesn’t even exist in Egyptian politics. Anywhere.

    So bloodbaths like this one are always possibilities.

    And there aren’t any Good Guys in sight. Both sides stink to the very Throne of God.

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