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NSA wiretapping kills Groklaw

Posted by Charles II on August 20, 2013

gjohnsit has a writeup here.

I read it here, from Charles Arthur of the Guardian:

The award-winning legal analysis site Groklaw is shutting because its founder says that “there is no way” to continue to run it without using secure email – and that the threat of NSA spying means that could be compromised.

“There is now no shield from forced exposure,” writes the site’s founder, Pamela Jones, an American paralegal who has run the site from its start in 2003, in a farewell message on the site.

Jones cites the revelations that the US National Security Agency (NSA) can capture any email, and can store encrypted email for up to five years, as having prompted her decision to shutter the site…

Set up in May 2003, Groklaw first came to fame through its analysis of a case involving SCO, a technology company which claimed that the free Linux operating system infringed a number of patents that it owned.

More recently, it has focussed on the multiple patent fights being fought between Samsung and Apple, and was a vociferous critic of the jury deliberations in the Apple-Samsung legal case fought in California in which Apple was awarded $1bn in damages.

The site won a number of awards for blogging and was nominated a number of times for awards by organisations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Bar Administration.


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