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Texas: Where The Oil Companies Destroy Roads And Won’t Pay To Fix Them

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 31, 2013

Submitted largely without comment, because res ipsa loquitor:

On the one hand, Gov. Rick Perry (R) believes Texas’ economy is amazing, and he’s managed to strike the perfect balance between meeting the public’s needs and keeping the private sector happy. Every other state, the governor assures us, should be following Texas’ lead — after all, thanks to the energy sector, the Lone Star State has plenty of money.

On the other hand, thanks to wear and tear from the oil companies, which have made themselves remarkably rich from Texas’ resources, Texas can no longer afford to pave many of its roads, and will instead transition from pavement to gravel.

The National Laboratory for Bad Government will kill Texas rather than risk inconvenicing a single oil baron.


2 Responses to “Texas: Where The Oil Companies Destroy Roads And Won’t Pay To Fix Them”

  1. Spocko said

    Great story.

  2. onyxpnina said

    Those oil barons may end up ponying up for paving sooner than we think.

    There were still gravel roads in upstate New York in the late ’50s. Driving on a gravel road is not that much better than driving on a dirt road, and driving a large, oil-filled (never mind ancillary cargo) rig on gravel is probably why asphalt paving was invented in the first place.

    But Gov. Perry is penny-wise and pound-stupid.

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