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File This Under “When Thieves Fall Out, Missouri Edition”

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 15, 2013

Over at FDL, the incomparable Peterr brings the following to our attention:

The Republican party holds a veto-proof majority of seats in both houses of the Missouri state legislature, but they discovered this past week that “veto-proof” means you have to keep your whole caucus together. After weeks of criss-crossing the state, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon caused enough sanity to break out among the MO GOP that he turned back the attempts to override vetoes on two major GOP initiatives:

But in the end, [Gov. Nixon] was able to claim victory on the year’s two most high-profile issues — a $700 million tax cut and a bill aimed at criminalizing enforcement of federal gun laws.

Fifteen Republicans joined with every Democrat in the Missouri House to put the final nail in the coffin of a tax cut bill that many Republicans pointed to as the marquee achievement of the 2013 legislative session. The override came up 15 votes short of the two-thirds majority required.

And while the House mustered the two-thirds majority needed to override Nixon’s veto of the gun bill, it eventually died in the Senate.

And the MO GOP was not happy. Not happy at all. They’d been pushing these things and cheering about them ever since last November’s elections gave them that veto-proof majority, and discovering traitors in their midst did not make them happy campers.

As Peterr says, the rabid Show-Me-State Republicans ought to be careful, or their sane ones will follow the example set by Missouri’s democratic attorney general Chris Koster. You see, up until 2007, Koster was a Republican. Emphasis on “was”. Why did he switch parties? His explanation is quoted from here:

Let us be clear as to their extremist agenda. The Republican desire is to criminalize early stage stem cell research in our state. The very same Harvard scientists celebrated throughout the world for their potentially life-saving research would, within the borders of Missouri, be imprisoned for fifteen years for conducting the identical laboratory work. Researchers actively recruited by the States of Kansas, Massachusetts, Illinois or California would be prosecuted and imprisoned here at home. Go to Boston for your Nobel Prize; come to Missouri for your leg irons. And the Missouri Republican Party not only tolerates this lunacy, but embraces it.

Their far-right crusade has infected everything, from the life-saving research itself, to economic development in our state, to the sale of the MOHELA assets, to the larger debate over abortion, to the nomination of curators and high governmental appointees, to the reform of our State’s Medicaid system.

I cannot in good conscience remain in Republican ranks and pretend that attempting to modulate extremist priorities is enough. Faced with such stakes, there is no compromising left to be done . . .

Dear sane Missouri Republicans: The time to switch is now. Your gut will thank you.


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  1. Charles II said

    Wonder what the state motto will be after they get rid of The Show Me State.

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