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The GOP’s ‘Suicide Caucus’: Destroying The Tea Party Brand And The GOP, But Hopefully Not Yet America

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2013

As I write this, the first day of what looks to be a prolonged shutdown of the Federal government is drawing to a close, the first day of a shutdown that will likely take us to the debt ceiling if not beyond.

The reason? The Republicans’ Tea Party wing, now known thanks to Peter Wehner as “The Suicide Caucus”, demanded it or something like way back at the beginning of 2013.

Here is a map showing the districts of the eighty members of the GOP House’s “Suicide Caucus” (click to enlarge):


Ironically enough, here is a map of the areas with high concentrations of Federal workers (again, click to enlarge):

places with many Federal workers places with many Federal workers - sidebar

Hmmmm. Doug Lamborn represents that red Suicide Caucus dot in Colorado, and he’s based in Colorado Springs. Wanna know what else is in Colorado Springs? Why, just the largest concentration of Federal employees anywhere in America, that’s all.

I suspect that his congressional district might not be as safe as he thinks. And I suspect the same is true of other Suicide Caucus members. The latest Quinnipiac poll hints at this, as it has generic Democrats leading the GOP in 2014 by nine points and climbing.

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