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Is John Boehner Going To Break His Promise Not To Default On Our Debt?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 2, 2013

Greg Sargent points out something that is so dangerous to the GOP Suicide Caucus that it’s got Republican apologists buzzing in the comments thread for Sargent’s post, trying everything they can to distract from it (italics are Sargent’s, bolding is mine):

It is the way Republicans themselves have defined the terms of the debate — specifically, what counts as “leverage” for them, and the ”concessions” they want from Dems – that strongly argues for Dems not to give any ground whatsoever, no matter what.

Here’s why: We don’t even know whether Republicans are actually prepared to allow default if Democrats don’t give them what they want. John Boehner has already conceded Republicans won’t allow default because: “I’m not going to risk the full faith and credit of the federal government.” Yet Ryan claims the debt limit gives Republicans leverage, anyway. But why? If Republicans are not prepared to actually default, why should Democrats give them anything in exchange for averting it? And if they are prepared to allow default — which Boehner himself defines as placing the country’s full faith and credit in jeopardy — then how can Democrats give them anything without rewarding and legitimizing a strategy based explicitly on a deliberate threat to unleash massive economic havoc if Dems don’t give Republicans what they want?

The House has the votes, right now, to pass a clean CR and end the shutdown. The Hastert Rule is no obstacle – it’s not even a real rule that requires a vote to ignore. Even if Boehner fears losing his speakership — as if he hasn’t already lost it in all but name — he can hang onto his seat and wait as the Suicide Caucus rips itself to shreds, if for no other reason than that the big business leaders who are aghast at the shutdown and at the prospect of a national default would likely dump tens of millions into his campaign coffers just to keep his seat from falling to a teabagger.

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Bonddad has a new, paying gig

Posted by Charles II on October 2, 2013 has picked up Bonddad and his trusty sidekick, New Deal Democrat. Bonddad:

About a year ago, I received a communication from the website who wanted to add economic commentary to their website. We exchanged a few emails about the possibility, but the negotiations slowed at the beginning of the year. Over the last few months they picked up again culminating in our signing contracts with them to provide content. And the best part is we’re finally getting paid! On top of that, they have over 14 million hits per month on their website, so our visibility will increase. And we’ll eventually be doing podcasts. I’ll be doing one/week that focuses on international developments while NDD and I will be doing a bi-weekly podcast on the US economy.


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