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Republicans And Their Shutdown/Default Gambit Not Popular

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 6, 2013

Passing along a few items of note:

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) admits that the Republicans own the shutdown/default: “We are the ones who shut the government down.” King also accused the Tea Party wing of the House GOP caucus of being on a “kamikaze” mission to extend the government shutdown they forced as well as to force a default on America’s debts and obligations.

Those staged-for-the-camera bullying sessions Republican legislators have been having at the national parks they shut down have backfired on the GOP:

“Oh yeah, they’re going to show up, they want to make themselves look like they care and they’re doing something. What are they doing?” said Gary Gillest, a Vietnam veteran who has visited D.C. several times with his friends in the Charlie Company 25th Infantry Division. “And look, there are tea party activists over there! I mean, they’re idiots.”

Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Republican candidate for governor, used to relish being associated with fellow Tea Partier Ted Cruz. Now, he keeps him at a distance even when he and Cruz are headlining the same fundraiser: “In the clearest sign yet of the potent effect of the government shutdown on the Virginia governor’s race, Republican Ken Cuccinelli avoided being photographed with Ted Cruz at a gala they headlined here Saturday night—even leaving before the Texas senator rose to speak.” (The Virginia off-year elections for governor and their House oF Burgesses are to be held November 5 of this year, and Cuccinelli was trailing his Democratic opponent McAuliffe even before Ted Cruz egged John Boehner into shutting down the government.)

PPP/MoveOn poll: GOP could easily lose the House next year because of the shutdown they forced. Oops.

— And yes, John Boehner was lying when he said that Harry Reid never negotiated anything with him concerning the budget or Obamacare.

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