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Three Suicide Caucus Members Considering Taking Off Their Explosive Vests

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 8, 2013

They’re not quite there yet — that’ll take another week and about a five-hundred-point drop in the Dow — but they’re taking the first small steps:

The first cracks are appearing in the Tea Party’s push to dismantle the nation’s health care law as three House lawmakers with ties to the movement said they’d back a U.S. spending bill that doesn’t center on the Affordable Care Act.

GOP Reps. Blake Farenthold of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Dennis Ross of Florida, all of whom identify with the Tea Party, said they’d back an agreement to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling if it included major revisions to U.S. tax law, and significant changes to Medicare and Social Security, as well as other policy shifts.

Last week at this time, they were all for the shutdown because they thought the Democrats would have caved by now. This week, they seem to be getting nervous.

MR’s readers might remember that last week I specifically mentioned Lamborn as someone in the Suicide Caucus who might be in a district that’s not as “safe” as he thinks it is because one out of five of the persons in Colorado Springs, the biggest city in his district, have Federal government jobs. Ross is in a similar situation, though in his case it’s not so much Federal workers as persons getting Social Security, Medicare and VA payments, Florida being a retiree haven. Not sure what the hook is for Farenthold — he barely won in 2010, but won without breathing hard in 2012, albeit against a candidate with far less money and backing. I doubt that it’s his conscience calling.

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