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What the intelligence agencies do with data

Posted by Charles II on October 11, 2013

Thanks to Rachel Levinson-Waldman of the Brennan Center, we have an idea. An excerpt:

…this report finds that in many cases, information carrying no apparent investigative value is treated no differently from information that does give rise to reasonable suspicion of criminal or terrorist activity. Basically, the chaff is treated the same as the wheat. In other cases, while the governing policies do set certain standards limiting the retention or sharing of non-criminal information about Americans, the restrictions are weakened by exceptions for vaguely-described law enforcement or national security purposes. Depending on the data set, presumptively innocuous information may be retained for periods ranging from two weeks to five years to 75 years or more.


2 Responses to “What the intelligence agencies do with data”

  1. “Basically, the chaff is treated the same as the wheat.”

    Which means that collecting all this data is actually hindering intelligence activities, by wasting time and money.

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