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Harry Reid Doubles Down

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 13, 2013

John Boehner’s and the Senate Republicans’ apparent plan to take the pressure off of themselves by propping up the stock market with bogus promises to Wall Street that the shutdown would be over by Monday have just been punctured by President Obama and Harry Reid:

In the morning session, Reid rejected a proposal crafted by rank-and-file Republicans with some Democratic input to raise the federal debt limit until Jan. 31 and fund federal agencies through the end of March. It also called for minor adjustments to Obama’s health-care law .

At an afternoon news conference, Reid said he wanted a shorter period for stopgap funding and a longer extension of the Treasury’s borrowing authority. Reid particularly wants to scale back deep automatic spending cuts known as the sequester, which were passed during the 2011 debt-ceiling showdown and will take effect every January for the next decade, unless Congress amends them.

Sen. Richard J. Durbin (Ill.), the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, called that issue “really the single biggest sticking point.”

The slow-moving talks appeared to nix earlier hopes that at least an outline for a deal could be in place before the financial markets opened Monday, as some senior senators suggested when momentum seemed to be building toward a plan by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

This makes me laugh:

Senate Republicans — already stunned by Boehner’s inability to pass anything in the House — grew furious about Reid’s attempt to get relief from the sequester because they considered Collins’s plan the fastest path to a deal.

Which was, as was made clear towards the end of the article, bollocks as Paul Ryan and his fellow John Birch Society hangers-on in the Tea Party Caucus proved:

But instead of absorbing this painful reality, some rank-and-file Republicans grew visibly excited about the prospect of opposing such a deal, said one person in the room. This defiance was fed by [Rep. Paul] Ryan, who stood up and railed against the Collins proposal, saying the House could not accept either a debt-limit bill or a government-funding measure that would delay the next fight until the new year.


With such fervor still rampant among House Republicans, there was bipartisan agreement in the Senate that Boehner’s House had lost its ability to approve anything that could be signed by Obama into law. Republicans decided the Senate must act first, hoping that the pressure of the Thursday debt deadline would lead to the House passing the measure even if it meant just a small collection of the GOP’s House majority joined with the Democratic minority to approve a deal.

“At this point, they have dealt themselves out of this process. They cannot agree among themselves,” Durbin said. “And that makes it extremely difficult to take them seriously.”

Which is why, roundabout 11:30 pm Wednesday evening, John Boehner is going to down a few shots, pop a few breath mints, straighten his tie, and call for a vote giving Harry Reid want Harry wants.

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