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Real Wikileaks film (Mediastan) Netcast starting 8 7PM Eastern

Posted by Charles II on October 19, 2013

See here for details.

Also available for (pay) download.

TODAY (Thursday 17 October) WikiLeaks and Sixteen Films are proud to announce the US/Canada release of MEDIASTAN – the WikiLeaks road movie.

US and Canadian audiences will be able to watch MEDIASTAN online for free during an exclusive promotion period on Saturday night. Viewers can also rent or buy the download of the film at any other time.

MEDIASTAN is a vivid, captivating and disconcerting portrayal of the constraints – external and self-imposed – that journalists face, all over the world: from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to Fifth Avenue, New York City.

MEDIASTAN asks a distressing question: What do the crisp-shirted, expensively-tanned media big guns of Manhattan have in common with the beaten-down, dissident hacks of Dushanbe, Tajikistan? Who is braver? Who is freer? And who is closer to the truth?

And what should YOU watch this weekend?

Well over 50,000 people saw nano-budget, indie-flick MEDIASTAN during its first weekend of release in the UK.

Meanwhile, THE FIFTH ESTATE – the spawn of Dreamworks’ huge-bucks publicity machine – has been soundly panned by UK audiences, grossing a paltry sum during its opening weekend: equivalent to less than 50,000 viewers.

In MEDIASTAN, an undercover team of journalists drives across the central Asian republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and into US-occupied Afghanistan, before continuing its journey into the west; regrouping in Julian Assange’s kitchen, ambushing the editor of the Guardian, and obtaining candid footage of the New York Times editor and its publisher Arthur Sulzberger wisecracking about Obama and WikiLeaks.

The trail of censorship and media collusion with power eventually leads back to London and New York: to the offices of the New York Times and The Guardian.

Especially striking – and shocking – is footage of a smug New York Times editor Bill Keller boasting about the Times’ daily telephone conversations with the US government, his knowing decision to conceal the NSA’s mass surveillance program; and about what Keller refers to proprietor Sulzberger as the newspaper’s “favorite subject”: WikiLeaks.

In London, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger makes some awkward admissions: that his newspaper censored US cables about rich kletpocrats and western oil companies; and that the US State Department had ‘made approaches’ to the Guardian regarding its Cablegate publishing strategy.

MEDIASTAN was directed by Johannes Wahlström and produced by Julian Assange with Rebecca O’Brien and Lauren Dark at Sixteen Films. It is being distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

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