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Faux News, faux comments

Posted by Charles II on October 21, 2013

Ben Dimeiro, MMA:

In a chapter focusing on how Fox utilized its notoriously ruthless public relations department in the mid-to-late 00’s, Folkenflik reports that Fox’s PR staffers would “post pro-Fox rants” in the comments sections of “negative and even neutral” blog posts written about the network. According to Folkenflik, the staffers used various tactics to cover their tracks, including setting up wireless broadband connections that “could not be traced back” to the network.

A former staffer told [NPR reporter David] Folkenflik that they had personally used “one hundred” fake accounts to plant Fox-friendly commentary:

I’m sure if Fox works on it, they can sink lower.

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The return of Walkergate?

Posted by Charles II on October 21, 2013

Francis Schmitz has been appointed as a special prosecutor to examine possible electoral misdeeds in Wisconsin.

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Another reason to be embarrassed about our State Department

Posted by Charles II on October 21, 2013

State Dept. briefing 10/18 by Jen Psaki:

QUESTION: What is the U.S. Government’s stance on the Japanese official visit to the Yasukuni Shrine [the Imperial Shrine, which commemorates (among many others) war criminals from WW II]?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we’ve obviously seen, of course, those reports. The real issue here, as we’ve indicated many times, is encouraging – which we continue to do – Japan to continue to work with its neighbors to resolve concerns over history in an amicable way, through dialogue. The U.S. obviously has an interest in regional peace. That’s why we’re so supportive of that. Beyond that, I don’t have any further comment on decisions made by authorities in Japan.

QUESTION: Having more than 100 lawmakers visit the shrine, and one cabinet member —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — do you think this move help to resolve the concern, or actually increase the concerns of the neighbors?

MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any other further analysis on that, other than to convey that what we’re pressing for, and certainly what we – the Secretary did when he was in Japan just a few weeks ago is the importance of continuing to work with Japan’s – of Japan continuing to work with their neighbors and addressing concerns about history in an amicable way.

QUESTION: But one thing I don’t understand is why the U.S. Government don’t have a clear stance, since the shrine has 14 Class A war criminals in that shrine, and whom actually the U.S. helped Chinese to fight against (inaudible). Why are you being so cautious?

MS. PSAKI: So cautious? I don’t think I am. I think I’m conveying what our focus is, and I don’t have any further comment on whether an official does or doesn’t visit a shrine.

QUESTION: Do you encourage Japanese Foreign Minister Abe to visit the shrine in the future?

MS. PSAKI: I don’t have any more for you.

QUESTION: But you do understand why the question is being asked, correct?

MS. PSAKI: I do, Matt. Thank you.

It’s Bitburg on the Arakawa. The US Government should get this and should tell the Japanese government that it doesn’t appreciate inflaming tensions.

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