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Despite GOP-Orchestrated Media Frenzy, Obamacare Poll Numbers Unchanged

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 3, 2013


We knew we’d soon start seeing stories like this one:

The chaotic launch of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law has Democrats in Congress increasingly anxious about its potential impact on them in the 2014 elections and scrambling to protect themselves if the program’s problems persist.

Except it seems that after two solid weeks of demagoguery, Obamacare’s popularity — and the belief of Americans that the GOP shouldn’t be holding America hostage in order to undo Obamacare — hasn’t budged.

The gold standard of health care polling, the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll, is out for October and shows once again that the public is basically behind Obamacare, with significantly more wanting to keep it or expand it than to repeal it. Despite all of the Republicans’ efforts to sabotage it, public opinion about Obamacare has held steady, 44 percent unfavorable versus 38 percent favorable, but large majorities are still opposed to Republican sabotage.

A solid majority of the public (60 percent) say they oppose the idea of cutting off funding as a way to stop the law from being implemented, and a higher share would like to see Congress expand the law or keep it as is (47 percent) rather than repeal it (37 percent). Partisan divisions are as deep as ever, with four in ten Democrats saying the want Congress to expand the law, and a similar share of Republicans (42 percent) wanting to see the law repealed and not replaced.

In really bad news for Republicans, the public does not share their obsession with Obamacare. At all.

A recent NBC/WSJ poll had similar results:

The public pretty much hates all of Washington, D.C. (and why not?), but Obamacare is basically holding its own, with no public panic yet. That’s what the latest NBC/WSJ poll finds.

Thirty-seven percent see it as a good idea, versus 47 percent who see it as a bad idea. That’s down from the 38 percent good idea, 43 percent bad idea in the previous survey. […]

In the poll, 37 percent say that the website woes are a short-term technical problem that can be fixed, while 31 percent believe they point to a longer-term issue with the law’s design that can’t be corrected.

Another 30 percent think it’s too soon to say.

Which makes Obamacare, again, more popular than Republicans. By 15 points.

The GOP’s shutdown silliness reminded me of 1995 and 1996. The insistence on demagoguing something when it’s not doing the GOP any good politically reminds me of 1998, when the public rejected their attempts to take down Bill Clinton over his personal life.

UPDATE: And as expected, the GOP efforts to demagogue the ACA website rollout are being ignored by Virginians. Terry McAuliffe still leads by seven points.

5 Responses to “Despite GOP-Orchestrated Media Frenzy, Obamacare Poll Numbers Unchanged”

  1. Patrick said

    Come Nov 31st Obamacare is toast. Your picking of slim polling doesn’t change the fact that there has never been consistent polling that the majority favored Obamacare from the time it was being crafted to this day. Obama is right only in that the website is not Obamacare. The problems with the website pale in comparison to the inherent problems within the law that will steadily become manifest. This monstrosity and Democrats defense of it will serve Republicans very well come election time.

    • Charles II said

      It’s great to hear that you folks on the right are still living in fantasyland. Nothing will change on November 31st, since that’s a non-existent date.

      If you like poll numbers, look up approval of congressional Republicans.

      As for Obamacare–which is identical to the very popular insurance program that Mitt Romney implemented in Mssachusetts–it is the law of the land. It’s here. It’s already changing people’s lives for the better, especially by ending the discrimination against people who have illnesses that made it impossible for them to get insurance.

      (And, yes, I know that this response is a waste of time for Patrick, since he’s just here for a drive-by, not to risk that he might learn something. Like how many days there are in November.)

    • Guess what, Patrick? All your paymasters’ demagoguing and sliming of the ACA hasn’t hurt McAuliffe one bit — he’s still up on Cuccinelli by 7.

      And guess what? Your GOP bobos are going to try the hostage gambit again in January and February, that much closer to the 2014 elections. If they keep banging the shutdown drum, that turns 2014 into a wave election for Democrats, especially when 45 million Americans are finally able to get decent insurance that actually covers things and doesn’t ding them for pre-existing conditions.

      But please, proceed.

  2. Gappy said

    “Come Nov 31st…………..” Best laugh I’ve had all day!

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