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Marcy Wheeler gains long-overdue recognition

Posted by Charles II on November 6, 2013

Via Bob Swern at DK, Pema Levy, Newsweek:

Experts on domestic surveillance admire Wheeler’s ability to connect current revelations to past mysteries. “You’ll read through these dense documents, and it’s about one thing; but she’ll find a clue in there to something we’ve all wondered about on something else entirely, and the last citing of that issue was five years ago, and somehow she still remembered,” said Barton Gellman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter late of The Washington Post who has worked with Snowden to break stories on the NSA this summer. “She’s indispensable now with the NSA story, which is endlessly complex.”

Marcy Wheeler getting recognition is a Good Thing.


3 Responses to “Marcy Wheeler gains long-overdue recognition”

  1. spocko said

    Good.Now will they let her back on MSNBC if she promises to say blowjob? What pisses me off is that she isn’t hired by someone with money. Maybe Glenn Greenwald will!

    • Charles II said

      That’s a great idea, Spocko. She is a far better researcher than Greenwald or even Jeremy Scahill. They’d make a great team–Greenwald has connections, Scahill has the guts for in-the-field reporting, and Marcy can read a document.

      Boyz can she read a document.

    • anonymous said

      >>>Now will they let her back on MSNBC if she promises to say blowjob?<<<

      Heh. As in… never mind.

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