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Obama Neatly Pivots On GOP’s Demagoguing ACA Rollout

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 14, 2013

Hear that gnashing of teeth?

That’s Barack Obama taking Darrell Issa’s toys away from him:

9:10 AM PT: “Today I’m offering an idea that will help” fix the problem of cancellations. Basically will allow insurance commissioners to allow insurance companies to renew all existing plans for another year.

9:12 AM PT: Important point: Obama reminds people the old individual market was broken. “That’s why I will not accept” proposals that are “just an attempt to drag us back into the broken system.” Encourages people who want to continue their current policies to at least look at exchanges and shop for better plans.

This just popped the Republicans’ biggest talking points balloon, and it ain’t coming back.

That’s also the sound of AHIP realizing that its game plan isn’t going the way they told Liz Fowler and Max Baucus to make it go:

This, of course, has the insurance companies (and Republicans) outraged! He’s making the insurance companies the enemy! (About damned time, I say.) If they don’t take him up on this extension, and go ahead and cancel policies, everyone is going to blame them. They’re also saying that it would be impossible to do (even though they’re not forced to).

Insurance source: WH fix places “onus on us even tho they know we can’t” effectively extend cancelled policies given rates/logistics probs

Which everyone knows is bullshit. If there’s once thing that insurance companies are really good at, it’s figuring out how to rescind things. If they can scour a customer’s health history to find the acne treatment from 30 years ago that would give them an excuse to cancel a policy, they can figure out how to rescind a policy cancellation. And, of course, this would be voluntary. They don’t have to keep offering shitty policies, but they can. Of course, if they don’t, they’ll have angry customers. Which also isn’t a new thing for health insurance companies.

AHIP’s gone so far as to huff and puff and threaten to start hiking rates in 2015, which is a laughable threat. The ACA is their permanent meal ticket, and no way will they hike rates and risk making the healthy kids that they want in their thrall suddenly decide that risking IRS penalties (which since they’re largely unenforceable isn’t much of a risk anyway) is a much cheaper solution.


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