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Thank your Democratic Senator

Posted by Charles II on November 21, 2013






3 Responses to “Thank your Democratic Senator”

  1. :-)

  2. jo6pac said

    I’m not to sure this is off to a good start and since it only has judges involved is just more theater.

    Why wasn’t it done in 09? Reid and his friends are not my friends.

    • Charles II said

      Yes, it’s ironic that Millett should be the first winner. And, yes, it’s an outrage that the Senate Dems allowed the GOP to waste five years before taking the power that the people granted to them.

      The deal actually includes Admin nominees, but does not include legislation or Supreme Court Justices. And, if things were sufficiently urgent, it could be extended to those.

      But it’s a start. It signals that a lot of Dems have had enough. They realize that they can no longer put off the confrontation. If Dems get into a fighting mood, the GOP may regret having roused them. Righteous anger is very powerful.

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