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Spineless Chris Christie Flip-Flops On Obamacare Again

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 30, 2013

A little over a year ago, New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie was really happy to be asking President Obama for Hurricane Sandy aid and posing for pictures shaking hands with him (but not hugging him, oh no no no, no matter what the pictures show).

Barely nine months ago, Christie, bucking the Tea Party wing of the GOP, sensibly decided that while he wouldn’t be allowed by his own party to set up a state ACA health care exchange, he could at least help out the people of New Jersey by expanding Medicaid under Obamacare’s auspices:

“After considerable discussion and research, I have decided to participate in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. While we already have one of the most expansive and generous Medicaid programs in the nation, including the second highest eligibility rate for children, we have an opportunity to ensure that an even greater number of New Jerseyans who are at or near the poverty line will have access to critical health services beginning in January of 2014,” Christie said.

But of course all that was happening when he was running for re-election as governor and didn’t have any serious, well-funded Teabagger challengers breathing down his neck. He just needed to worry about wooing the majority of New Jersey’s general-election voters.

Now that he’s won re-election, he’s immediately dropped the Sensible Republican mask and is going Full Metal Wingnut in a futile effort to court the Tea Partiers without whose support no Republican can hope to survive a Presidential primary. To that end, he’s trying to put as much distance as he can between himself and the guy who up to now Christie had all but claimed as his running mate:

In an interview with a local radio station Monday night, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Obamacare a “train wreck.”

“This is just an awful law. It made no sense and that’s why I didn’t get into a state exchange. And no, I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I’m really glad that the train wreck’s not mine; it’s his,” Christie told listeners on New Jersey 101.5FM, referring to President Barack Obama.

Of course, what Christie’s not telling you is that states that set up exchanges are having a far easier time with Obamacare than those, like Christie’s, that didn’t. But he’s obviously positioning himself to try and have it both ways: Diss Obamacare now when he wants the Tea Partiers to forget about all those not-a-hugs he gave Obama, then pivot and tell a general-election audience how he participated in Obamacare by allowing Medicaid expansion in his state.

Hat tip to Daily Kos’ Jed Lewison.


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