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USA Today/Pew Poll: Democrats Have 2014 Edge

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 13, 2013

Gee, I wonder why this wasn’t on the evening TV news tonight?

A new poll released on Friday by USA Today and Pew Research shows that voters prefer Democrats to Republicans in a generic Congressional vote. The results showed that 48% of respondents would vote for a Democratic candidate if the 2014 midterms were held today, while 44% would vote Republican. This compares favorably with their previous poll during the government shutdown, when 49% favored Dems against 43% for the GOP.

This, mind you, is after nearly two solid months of “Obamacare sucks” stories in the media.

Now that Obamacare has faded as a punching bag — perhaps because of the growing number of people who like it — the poll numbers for the Democrats are recovering.


One Response to “USA Today/Pew Poll: Democrats Have 2014 Edge”

  1. Never paid much attention to when polls get released, but Fridays are when people dump news they want to see get lost over the weekend. Odd time to release a poll.

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