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Two Creepy Right-Wing Armed Dude Alerts

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 23, 2013

This is precisely the sort of story that our national TV news ignores but gets picked up overseas by The Guardian:

A Minnesota national guardsman faces federal fraud charges in connection with the theft of names, social security numbers and security clearance levels of roughly 400 members of his former army unit in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Iraq war veteran intended to use the confidential material to create fake IDs for his militia, court documents say.

Obtained Wednesday by the Associated Press, the federal complaint and affidavit says Keith Michael Novak, 25, threatened to use violence if authorities came to arrest him. He also told an undercover FBI employee that he would barricade himself in his apartment and had “5,000 rounds, a thousand of it is in magazines, ready to go,” according to the affidavit.

Novak, of Maplewood, was in federal custody Wednesday and unavailable for comment. His father has an unlisted number, and attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. The federal defender’s office has the case, but an attorney had not been selected to represent him by Wednesday evening.

In case you were wondering, Novak’s decidedly a right-wing terrorist:

The complaint paints the former intelligence analyst as an armed and dangerous man. FBI special agent Christopher Crowe testified during a preliminary hearing Monday that Novak bragged about having a cache of weapons and talked openly about an escape plan he had in place at his apartment in case authorities came for him. The agent also testified that Novak told the undercover agents millionaire Warren Buffett was on his “target list.”

And to drive that point home, here’s a still photo, taken from a WCCO TV (local CBS affiliate) newscast, showing Novak saluting the Confederate battle flag:

novak fort bragg ID thief confederate

I’d been meaning to tell you all about him earlier, but I’d kept forgetting to do so. Then Sally Jo Sorensen jogged my memory by linking to the story of another creepy right-wing Minnesota militia dude:

A Minnesota militia member charged in what the FBI once called a “terror plot” to blow up the Montevideo police station allegedly told authorities in May that even though he had bombs, he was not a violent person and was using the Internet to investigate bad and dangerous people, according to a document unsealed Friday.

The document also suggests a possible link between Buford Rogers and another Minnesota militia member arrested last week.

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that the two men knew each other:

Rogers also talked about other people he associated with through his militia, including a man named Keith, whom he described as an intelligence officer who used to work with the Army but now is with the National Guard.

Last week, authorities arrested Keith Novak, whose first name and career match the description of the man Rogers spoke about. Novak, 25, of Maplewood is charged with fraud in connection with identity theft. He is accused of stealing the personal information of members of his former Army unit to make fake IDs for people in his own militia.

Novak is the self-described commander of a group called the 44th Spatha Libertas, authorities said.

Rogers’ own antigovernment outfit goes by the name of the “Black Snake Militia”.


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