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Shorter Robert Gates: Obama Was Right But I Hate Him Anyway

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 9, 2014

That’s the gist of Gates’ new book, per both Bob Woodward and Media Matters:

Cable and network news programs – whose reporters apparently have not read the book themselves — are adopting Woodward’s frame of the book as an attack on the president.

But elsewhere in his article, Woodward undermines this narrative by pointing out that Gates writes that all of Obama’s Afghanistan decisions were correct, as The New Republic‘s Isaac Chotiner notes. Rather than consider the possibility that he is wrong to present Gates’ book as a “harsh critique” of Obama, Woodward suggests that Gates is contradicting himself:

Gates’s severe criticism is even more surprising — some might say contradictory — because toward the end of “Duty,” he says of Obama’s chief Afghanistan policies, “I believe Obama was right in each of these decisions.” That particular view is not a universal one; like much of the debate about the best path to take in Afghanistan, there is disagreement on how well the surge strategy worked, including among military officials.



2 Responses to “Shorter Robert Gates: Obama Was Right But I Hate Him Anyway”

  1. lou hodges said

    I have a letter from Sec. Gates that I’m distributing to the media. If anybody wants a copy, just email me. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the fun.

    • Charles II said

      Be sure to send it to Media Matters, Lou. The corporate media is unlikely to report anything embarrassing about an insider like Gates. It’s up to media watchdogs like FAIR and Media Matters to shame them into doing their jobs.

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