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Mild Winter In Sweden Is Starving Reindeer

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 12, 2014

This is for all those conservative anti-science snow trollers out there who think that if it’s cold for one week where they live, that means that it’s cold everywhere forever:

The mild winter even in Sweden’s northern areas has led to a record number of Sami reindeer herders filing requests for emergency food aid.


So far, 22 Sami districts requested disaster assistance from the Sami Parliament, which is considered the highest number in seven years and the pile of applications is expected to grow.

The mild winter, with alternating snow, thaw and rain, has created deep ground frost and the impenetrable ice which makes it very hard for the reindeer to get to food, according to several media sources.

Meanwhile, Australia is about to explode from the effects of a years-long drought (that in many places has returned) and record-high heat.


2 Responses to “Mild Winter In Sweden Is Starving Reindeer”

  1. Friends in Norway tell me they are seriously concerned about the lack of snow there this winter.
    For a country that depends on hydropower, this is a big problem.

  2. jo6pac said

    I’ve been watering my garden and the irrigation distract turned on the water for the farmers, everyone is watering like mad. I’m sure it will only be on for a few more days. They have been told there will 25% less water and that could go up.

    In the mean time gov. moon beam is back in the news trying build a pipe line to send northern Calli water south. The problem is LA won’t see it only the lower Tulare Basin will get it. Rich elite framers and wall street investors friends of I see a drone out my window di-fi. Food going up but there was good news the same criminal class on wall street can now get into the commodities what possibly go wrong.

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