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Man Bites Dog. Feinstein Rebukes Israel Over Its Bomb-Iran Fetish.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 16, 2014

That sound you hear is my jaw hitting the floorfloor in pleased surprise, an occurrence caused by this (courtesy of TomP):

Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Intelligence Committee, called the sanctions bill “a march towards war” on Tuesday in a floor speech that was remarkable in detail and force. “I deeply beliebelieveve that a vote for this legislation will cause negotiations to collapse,” Feinstein said, after thoroughly rebutting many of the claims about the interim deal put forth by the bill’s supporters. “The United States, not Iran, then becomes the party that risks fracturing the international coalition that has enabled our sanctions to succeed in the first place.”

And Feinstein followed that up with this rebuke to both Israel and AIPAC, the biggest backers outside of Bandar bin Sultan of bombing Iran:

Dianne Feinstein addressed this point more directly than perhaps any other politician so far. “While I recognize and share Israel’s concern, we cannot let Israel determine when and where the US goes to war,” she said. “By stating that the US should provide military support to Israel should it attack Iran, I fear that is exactly what this bill will do.”

I am very pleasantly surprised.


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