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Deadbeat Sean Nienow: Arrogant, Hypocritical, Or Both?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 19, 2014

This from BSP is ironic:

Sean Nienow, who is being sued by the federal government for defaulting on a $600,000 Small Business Administration Loan, recently cried to KSTP’s Jay Kolls that a fix for Minnesota Care would be great:

Great, if it works! Number two: if does work, it’s still our taxpayer money!  Federal money doesn’t grow on trees!”

Sean’s cameo begins at 1:42 in the clip.  As Bluestem reported yesterday, Common sense money management” dude Senator Nienow was also sued in state court for a contract related to his purchased the same business, the National Camp Associaton, Inc.

Federal money may not grow on trees for health care, but if it’s his own defaulted federal loan? Apparently it’s just a little shrubbery to borrow from the federal government for a private business, even if that  doesn’t work out.

As BSP’s Sally Jo Sorensen goes on to point out, Nienow was also lending money to his own political campaign even as he was refusing to make payments on his SBA loan.

Now, right-wing professional government haters may approve of this behavior and call it “bleeding the beast”, but most sane and ethical persons do not like it at all.


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