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A truly useful product.

Posted by Charles II on January 31, 2014

Leave it to the Japanese to know what we need.

Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian:

The stakes are getting increasingly high in the battle for the weirdest piece of wearable tech. After wifi-detecting hats and smartphone-charging wellies, it was only a matter of time until it all turned to sex – with the arrival of vibrating knickers, dresses that turn transparent, and a Google Glass app that lets you imagine you’re having sex with yourself.

Now, saucy Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour has upped the ante with a bra that pops open when you discover true love. Like a chastity belt for the social network age, the bra remains firmly locked shut most of the time, to defend its wearer from the hordes of sleazy menfolk trying to weasel their way in. But as soon as Prince Charming arrives, it dutifully bursts open with a gleeful spring, saving clumsy fumbling in the bedroom – and potentially taking his eye out in the process.


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