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CBO Spins Good ACA Jobs News Into Bad News

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 4, 2014

One of the biggest benefits of the Affordable Care Act is that fewer people will be forced to hold down crappy jobs in order to pay for health insurance.

That condition, known as “job lock”, is considered a bad thing even by conservative economists.

So, when the persons in the Congressional Budget Office notice this effect, how do they announce it? By saying that Eeek Eeek Eeeeeeek Obamacare will shrink the labor force by 2.5 million!!!!


2 Responses to “CBO Spins Good ACA Jobs News Into Bad News”

  1. H.O. Petard said

    Well, this makes sense, huh? Why would anyone want to quit a job they hate (and probably doesn’t pay very well), for a job they enjoy (and maybe pays more), AND be able to keep/improve their health plan coverage. And (OMG!) pay less!

    Or perhaps they’re talking about people working at over-priced, highly profitable HMOs. They’re probably poorly paid with benefits they could improve. That must be it!!

  2. Charles II said

    And they haven’t even counted the lost jobs among morticians and gravediggers.

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