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Run, Scott, Run! Run, Run, Run!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 23, 2014

Well, lookiee here – Tiger Beat on the Potomac (aka Politico) is doing a puff piece on Scott Brown and his coy carpetbagging Senate race coquettry:

National Republicans are salivating over the possibility of a Brown candidacy. His name ID and fundraising prowess would instantly put a safe Democratic seat in play, and tilt a fall election map that already favors the GOP even more in the party’s direction. The GOP needs to pick up six seats to win a majority.

Never mind that he got his ass soundly kicked by Elizabeth Warren, whose name is conspicuous by its absence from this piece and who is currently making Teddy Kennedy’s shade smile and bankers cringe. The GOP establishment — or at least those of its members speaking anonymously to TBOTP’s James Hohmann — keeps talking him up as true Senatorial gold, at least in terms of going after Jeanne Shaheen’s Senate seat in New Hampshire.

As usual, the true lede be buried deep, deep down towards the end of the piece:

He seemed pleased with the resulting numbers: Two public polls in January showed the race within the margin of error, although a more recent WMUR/University of New Hampshire survey put Shaheen up 10 points.

In other words, he’s never been in the lead, and does worse the more people know about him.

In short, the perfect person for the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson to blow a few tens of millions on — erm, I mean “support”.

Run, Scott, run!


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