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Mrs. Bartcop Needs Your Help

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 8, 2014

I hadn’t visited his site in a while, so this news hit me like a punch in the gut:

Terry Coppage, “Bartcop,” passed away this past Wednesday due to complications from the flu, pneumonia, and leukemia at the age of 60.


Terry left behind a wife with a mortgage and medical bills that she can’t handle. He asked, after years of giving it away for free on Bartcop, for his readers to help her out with donations in this time of sorrow and need.

We here at Raw Story, and speaking personally for myself, encourage everyone to help her out to the best of your ability.

I second that.

Bartcop and Steve Gilliard are two of the main reasons Mercury Rising exists. Please help Mrs. Bartcop in her hour of need.

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