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Imagine if this were Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow

Posted by Charles II on May 23, 2014


Story here.

We should be compassionate because Gregg Jarrett’s dealing with “serious personal issues” which led him to get intoxicated, create a disturbance, and sass a cop.

Imagine if this had been Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow. Any clue what FOX Noise would be saying?


4 Responses to “Imagine if this were Al Sharpton or Rachel Maddow”

  1. jo6pac said

    Thank You for taking down the clueless person;)

  2. Charles II said

    I should note that the Internet Service Provider of said clueless person has been notified and further complaints will be filed as necessary.

  3. Amazing how many people don’t seem to realize that we can track their ISP addresses.

    • jo6pac said

      LOL, yes when I had a web site for my small business it was amazing how far back down the tubes you can look;)

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