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The End Of The Traditional Media Narrative

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 25, 2014

Egberto Willies lays it out:

Many realities are all around us, yet remain unreported by the traditional media in any substantive manner. How many realize that the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, a conservative poll, has President Obama with a 50-percent approval rating? How many know that the Gallup’s daily tracking poll currently pegs his approval rating at 45 percent,  and that he has been skirting 50 percent at times? How many know that the five supposedly endangered Red state Southern Democratic senators are virtually even or leading in every race?

Did you know that the governor’s race in Georgia is very competitive? Did you know that the failure of the Republican governor to accept the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare could cost him that race?

The narrative is that Democratic voters fall off more than Republican voters in the midterms. Should it not have been news that the virtually uncontested Democratic Senate race in Kentucky drew more voters than the contested Republican Senate race (402,421 vs 355,132)?

There is more. Go check it out.


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