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Echidne Read The Santa Barbara Killer’s Screed So You Won’t Have To

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 26, 2014

We already know Elliot Rodger was addicted to male-supremist, misogynistic mindsets. What we didn’t know was that he never once listed an actual incident of being “rejected” by any women. His real grievance was that they didn’t automatically flock to him, worship him, and spread their legs for him without any effort on his part.

Echidne also makes a few other pertinent observations:

Some have pointed out that Elliot Rodger participated at one Manosphere site, (now inactive), where he wrote about his views on women to a membership which failed to disagree with him.  Indeed, he received support for those views, and nobody made a negative response to these comments he made there in April:

It must be accepted, but not embraced. Human society should never be
allowed to degenerate to such brutality. The problem is women, they are
primitive in nature and incapable thinking rationally. If they are
allowed to choose who to breed with, humanity will never advance. Look
at civilizations over 100 years ago. In a way they were much more
civilized, simply because women were restricted and controlled. It was a
much better world to live in.


Eventually these frustrated men won’t be able to take it anymore
and will explode in rage and fury, and the female population will suffer
the consequences, as they rightfully deserve. Once women are brought to
their knees, things can be reformed. The sooner this happens, the

On the other hand, his participation at a bodybuilding forum did get some pushback.

The crucial question to answer here is a simple one:  Did Rodger’s participation at the PUAHate site affect his readiness to slaughter?  Did the support he received for his warped ideas strengthen them?


The second question I cannot help having concerns the fact that Rodger is by no means the only person on the misogyny sites who expresses these kinds of opinions.  Are we to simply assume that all the other enraged (enraged!) men who blame everything bad that ever happened to them on women are simply using their freedom of expression without any further consequences coming out of it?  Chatting to each other about the perfidy of women, the necessity to restrain and cage them, just sharing their feelings about women in a supportive environment?   And this would never make anyone do what George Sodini and Elliot Rodger did?

Echidne points out that Rodger apparently was being treated for various mental and personality disorders, including autism (and autistic persons are often noted for their difficulty at forming connections with other human beings). Would he have been a sucker for male-supremicist dogma had he not had these conditions? It’s hard, in fact impossible, to say.


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